E5 - Leadership in a Disrupted World

My guest for this episode is Randy White. Randy is the co-Chair of the leadership stream for the EMBA at HEC (Qatar) and a long-time professor of leadership for TRIUM. He is an international thought leader in leadership training and executive coaching with more than 30 years’ experience from all over the world. His is also a member of the Board of the American Psychological Association. A new edition of his (co-written with Philip Hodgson) excellent book, Relax its Only Uncertainty will be released later this month. In this episode, Randy and I discuss the leadership challenges in a world where the nature of the uncertainty we face is changing. How does a leader effectively and confidently lead other people when s/he cannot be sure what is the best path forward? Randy’s wisdom and decency shine through in our talk – enjoy!

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-- Randy's new book: Hodgson, P. & White, R. (2020) Relax, It’s Only Uncertainty: Lead the way when the way is changing. The Executive Development Group. https://www.amazon.com/Relax-Its-Only-Uncertainty-Changing-dp-0578713535/dp/0578713535/ref=dp_ob_title_bk#customerReviews

-- Randy's recommended book: Ou, A. Y., Waldman, D. A. & Peterson, S. J. (2015), ‘Do Humble CEOs Matter? An Examination of CEO Humility and Firm Outcomes,’ Journal of Management (20:10, pp. 1-27). https://www.researchgate.net/publication/283950957_Do_Humble_CEOs_Matter_An_Examination_of_CEO_Humility_and_Firm_Outcomes

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Host: Matt Mulford | Guest: Randy White | Editor: Théophile Letort

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