Save the Rhino Trust Namibia: Desert days with the Black Rhinos and the Rangers who protect them from Poachers

This episode is about Rhinos; desert-adapted free-ranging Black Rhinoceroses and the men and women who devote their lives to protect them - to be precise. Save the Rhino Trust Nambia has existed for over 40 years, their mission is to monitor and conduct research on the Black Rhinos of the North-Western part of Namibia known as the Kunene desert region. An incredibly hostile environment, the Black Rhinos have adapted to live here thanks to a tolerance for an extremely toxic plant that even White Rhinos cannot stomach - but what they have not adapted to survive, is the increasing threat of human poachers. Direct from the mouths of the Rangers and Trackers who spend 22 days at at time trekking the desert to monitor it’s rhino population, hear how community involvement is at the heart of a true, and ongoing, conservation success story.

In this episode you will hear the voices of Andrew Malherbe (Chief Operating Officer - SRT), Lesley Karutjaiva (Director of Field Operations - SRT), Denzo Tjiraso and Ngaujake "Cesse" Kututa (Trackers at SRT), Tommy Hall (Wildlife Intelligence Officer) and Piet Beytell (Chief Conservation Scientist at the Namibian Government's Ministry of Environment Forestry and Tourism).

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