Oakes on Oaks: Introducing our 56(ish) Trees

In season three of Trees A Crowd, David Oakes uproots the secrets and stories beneath the native tree species of the British Isles.

Each week for the next few months, Oakes is going to be exploring our trees - from Scots Pine to Privet; Box, Beech and the Buckthorns; Wild cherries, wild pears and wild apples; Ash, Aspen, Alder, Elder and Elm... and many more (56 of them to be precise-ish!)

But what is a Native Tree? Firstly, by 'tree' he means a woody plant that can, in the wild, reach at least 5m in height, and; secondly, by 'Native', he means a plant that has arrived naturally in Great Britain and Ireland since the last ice age - 11,700(ish) years ago.

A new episode will be dropped each tuesday throughout 2021... (ish).

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