Ep 147 - Passive Income for Artists and Designers

Do you want to learn how make a passive income as an artist? Location-independent designer and illustrator Cat Coquillette shares how she grew her passion for art and travel into a successful business.

In this episode, Cat talks about where to advertise your artwork and ways to start and grow your business. She also talks about how royalties, licensing, and non-exclusive agreements are crucial to your success. Listen to the end, for Cat’s future travel plans and daily routine.


Cat’s Links:



How I Earn Passive Income as an Artist


Facebook group - Chiang Mai Nomad Girls

Affordable art prints - Society6

Online art community - Redbubble


Get tickets - Nomad Summit

Ep 142 - Art, Design, Travel with Lauren Hom



The Nix: A novel - Nathan Hill

The Things They Carried - Tim O'Brien


Show Notes:

02:00 - Entrepreneurial community in Kansas City & Chiang Mai

04:34 - Chiang Mai Digital Nomad girls

08:30 - Burning season

09:19 - Graphic design and branding

12:00 - Society6

14:52 - Non-exclusive agreement

15:40 - Print on demand, upload & edit

20:00 - Royalties and licensing

26:30 - Becoming a business

33:00 - Cost of supplies

35:30 - Travel plans

36:15 - Skiing in Poland

40:30 - Daily routine

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