to fly to starry skies

Two small neighborhood houses in a suburban town that are placed directly next to each other house two young kids-Daisy and Mars. Daisy and Mars connect over their dreams of being astronauts, and over their love for the one astronaut on the Demeter Mission that their parents won’t stop talking about- Aries Kennedy. Their parents keep saying the word “transgender” and Daisy and Mars don’t quite know what it means, but do know that when they see Aries on TV, that they want to be exactly like them. 

Or, two trans kids swap names and become the best of friends, and send a letter to their favorite astronaut, the first non-binary person on a moon mission. 

Content warnings: misgendering, deadnaming, discussions of transphobia, misgendering, hopelessness, unaccepting parents, threats of violence, guns and death


Written by: Morgan Champine.

Directed by: Sivan Raz.

Edited by: Jordan Hendrickson.

Theme Music by: Scarlett Foster and Eden J. Storm.

Episode Music by: Scarlett Foster.

Podcast Cover Art by: Sylvia Keyes.

Episode Cover Art by: Finley Lemma.


C.V.V.M. as Mars Sharp.

Moira-Juliet Scott as Daisy Ashford.

Zoey Davis as Willa Hart.

Morgan Champine as Aries Kennedy.

SFX Attribution: The120thwhisper, Aquafeniz, freefire66, craftcrest, Thy-SFX, CUeckermann, Cinetony, jewelconnor, nickrave, 180156, lyndseymel, oldhiccup, mario1298, kevincr9, jadend2, hopflog, johnbialistok1911 and moai15 on Freesound - Freesound.

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