What Brings You In Today?

Health care leaders are spending more time and money trying to improve the way doctors and nurses talk with their patients, to build more trust. Are those efforts working? We eavesdrop on some difficult conversations between patients and providers, and meet researchers who are measuring the power of using just the right words. 

This episode first aired in 2019 and remains as relevant as ever.


Andrea Anderson, MD, Medical Director,  Unity Health Care

Sumeera Baig, MD, Physician, R-Health

Calvin Chou, MD, Professor, University of California, San Francisco

Lisa Cooper, MD, MPH, Bloomberg Distinguished Professor, Equity in Health and Healthcare, Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine

Hannah Herman, DO, Resident, The Wright Center for Graduate Medical Education

Lauren Howe, PhD, Postdoctoral Scholar, Stanford University

Natalie Levinson, patient

Jeff Milstein, MD, Regional Medical Director, Penn Primary Care

Kathy Trow, MSN, APN-C, Nurse Practitioner, Penn Medicine 

Jessika Welcome, mother of patient Natalie Levinson

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