Answering the Call, Part 2: Struggling to Staff the Nation’s New Crisis Line

In Part 2 of our special series on 988, we explore the scramble to staff the country’s new mental health crisis line and the workforce lessons 988 can learn from 911.

Learn more about how 988 came to be, what’s at stake and what it will take to succeed in the first episode in our series.


Rebecca Neusteter, PhD, Executive Director, Health Lab, University of Chicago

Rita Salazar, 911 call-taker, Valley Communications Center

Michelle Lilly, PhD, Associate Professor of Clinical Psychology, Northern Illinois University

Jennifer Battle, MSW, Director of Access, Harris Center for Mental Health and IDD Services

Lata Menon, MSW, CEO, First Choice Services

Courtney Colwell, 988 Program Manager, Volunteers of America Western Washington

Read a full transcript and dig deeper into all our coverage of 988 here.

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