Episode 40 - Vix Leyton

Hello all,

I hope you're well and enjoying the easing of lockdown. What an interesting time, indeed.

----more----Comedy is finally coming back, in some form at least. Hopefully you'll all be enjoying it in its fullest.

Go and check out my newly renovated website at www.sideaves.com to see what sort of comedy I'm up to!----more----But about this podcast, I've got the PR Princess, Vix Leyton. It's a super fun conversation, we talk about all sorts from horrendous gigs and promoters to business that support some terrible things (for legal purposes I should point out that we are saying this in jest. Please don't sue us.).

Vix also tells me all about some teas I've never tried, so I'll put those on the list along with bubble tea of teas I need to taste!----more----

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Until the next time, enjoy yourselves, be kind to each other, get your vaccinations and drink a cuppa.

Much love,