Throwback Ep 107: Nikole Hannah Jones—I Live In A Slaveocracy

Nikole Hannah Jones just won the Pulitzer Prize for her amazing 1619 project for The NY Times. That project has made people smarter, made people cry and made some conservatives lose their minds. It seeks to explain how America is still impacted by the legacy of slavery. It is not past, we are, today, in a slaveocracy. The 1619 project is a podcast, an ongoing series of articles and essays that are being taught in schools, and will soon be a series of books. This builds on Nikole’s extraordinary work for the Times. She is a verified genius, the recipient of a MacArthur grant, and I could feel her genius as I spoke to her. She is a person who is toweringly influential in that her ideas have changed my thinking on many issues and, with the 1619 project, aims to shape the way many people see the relationship between America and slavery. We spoke to her on January 8th, 2020, and we re-run this now because it’s an honor to hear Nikole Hannah Jones @nhannahjones speak. I hope you get a lot out of this. If you do please let me know on Twitter @toure or on Instagram @toureshow.


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