Susan Rice—I’m A Survivor

Ambassador Susan Rice was President Obama’s National Security Advisor for four years. She was the first one from the administration to go on TV and talk about the Benghazi attacks and the Republicans made her pay for that with an unending series of attacks that cost her a chance to become Secretary of State and ended up making her 9 year old daughter have frightening hallucinations. The Republicans’ attack on Rice was political, and personal, and had nothing to do with the actual tragedy that took place in Benghazi. Rice talks about all of this and more in her new memoir Tough Love and on this show. Let me know what you think! Instagram @toureshow. Twitter: @toure Toure Show Ep 94 Host & Writer: Toure Senior Producer: Jackie Garofano Assistant Producer: Adell Coleman Photographers: Chuck Marcus and Shanta Covington The House: DCP Entertainment 
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