Puffy: How To Make A Billion

Toure Show is successful people talking about their success. What are the tactics, attitudes, and strategies that fueled their success? How’d they deal with failure? What can you learn from their journey that’ll help fuel your rise? I want these conversations to be valuable for you. Puff (or Sean Combs, or Diddy, or Brother Love) is one of the greatest business minds in the country today. He’s closing in on being a billionaire thanks to his many revenue streams—#1 Ciroc, #2 Sean John. He’s done it by being fearless in business, by being a creative visionary, by being a great marketer who understands how to infuse his brand into anything. Puff is indefatigable. He’s driven like no one you’ve ever seen. He’s great at inspiring people and setting a high bar for everyone around him. And he’s done it by using himself as billboard for his brand. He’s a star because it helps him sell. Yeah he’s got a huge ego but he uses his stardom strategically, to help himself sell so when the guy you saw dancing and rhyming alongside Biggie Smalls is now looking dapper and holding Ciroc, the vodka looks better. When he takes the audaciousness that he brought to the music biz and injects into the fashion biz, his clothes sell more. Being an icon helps him in business. And that’s just part of why he’s so successful. Toure Show Ep 4 Puffy—“How To Make A Billion” Host & Writer: Toure Producer: Chris Colbert The House: Cadence 13 
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