Malcolm Nance—I Know Why the Caged Trump Sings

Malcolm Nance is the author of a powerful new book about how Russia lured in and controlled Trump called The Plot To Destroy America. He knows Trump isn’t gripped by a fear of kompromat but a love of money. He was also in the Navy for over 35 years, reaching the highest levels and fighting in combat on multiple continents. He talks about Trump, combat, guns, crazy war stories, and how to survive being taken as a hostage. He’s an amazing American. Great conversation. Let me know what you think. Twitter @toure and instagram @toureshow. 

Toure Show Ep 101

Host & Writer: Toure

Senior Producer: Jackie Garofano

Associate Producer: Adell Coleman

Editor: Ryan Woodhall

Photographers: Chuck Marcus and Shanta Covington

The House: DCP Entertainment 


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