James Blake: I Beat Federer

The tennis star was once #4 in the world and #1 in America with wins over Federer and Nadal. But what’s most amazing is that he played his best tennis after having breaking his neck in a freak injury and contracting shingles and losing his dad—all in one year. He’s tough, smart (Harvard), humble, and cool. And the best Black male player since Arthur Ashe. I interviewed him at the tennis club where I grew up, Sportsmen’s Tennis Club in Dorchester, Massachusetts, in front of a few hundred people. James is an amazing person. It’s really interesting to see how he thinks. Let me know what you think of this interview. I’m on Twitter @toure.  Toure Show Ep 36 James Blake: I Beat Federer Host & Writer: Toure Producer: Chris Colbert Assistants: William Jolley, Jason Wallace, and Candid Nicole Photographer: Chuck Marcus Studio: The Young Turks

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