Dr. Meika: How To Make It In Medicine

My sister the ER Doc deals with immense pressure in a calm way. The hospital is chaotic but she can handle it even when it smells like charred human flesh. And climbing the corporate ladder can be like battling your way through a jungle. But she can handle that, too. They called her bossy but she did some work on herself and made changes and now she’s the Chief Medical Officer of the Hoboken University Hospital. I’m so proud of her. I had to talk to her for the show. Toure Show is successful people talking about their success. What are the tactics, attitudes, and strategies that fueled their success? How’d they deal with failure? What can you learn from their journey that’ll help fuel your rise? I want these conversations to be valuable for you. Toure Show Ep 6 Dr. Meika - “How To Make It In Medicine” or OMG My Little Sister Runs A Hospital! Host & Writer: Toure Producer: Chris Colbert Studio: Cadence 13 
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