Franklin Leonard - I Changed Hollywood

Franklin Leonard is one of people who are aiding the Black film revolution from behind the scenes. He’s a veteran film exec who knows the game inside and out. He created The Black List, an annual survey of un-produced screenplays that spotlights the best of them, creating opportunities for young screenwriters. 37 films have leapt from The Black List to win Oscars. Leonard has worked for Will Smith, Leonardo DiCaprio, Sydney Pollack and more. He’s one of the people who have helped perpetuate an amazing moment in the history Black film and he understands the game, and how to tell great stories, as well as anyone. This is a fascinating conversation for anyone who wants to get into Hollywood or understand it better or loves to tell stories. Let me know what you think! Twitter @toure, instagram @toureshow.

Toure Show Ep 108

Host & Writer: Toure

Senior Producer: Jackie Garofano

Associate Producer: Adell Coleman

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Photographers: Chuck Marcus and Shanta Covington

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