Sananda Maitreya–I Am Music

Sananda Maitreya is one of the greatest singer-songwriters of his time. I have been a huge fan of the artist formerly known as Terrence Trent D’Arby for many years and it was an honor to talk to him about music and his career and his life and why his career didn’t get even bigger—which has a lot to do with Michael Jackson sabotaging him. Sananda now lives in Italy with his family and he’s still making music and he’s still a musical genius. It was an honor to talk to him. You can get half of this convo for free and if you want to hear the whole 60 minutes, go to and for $5 a month you get 4 Friday Patreon exclusives and the full 60 minute version of our Wednesday shows and you help support us so we can keep this show going. We appreciate your support.

Toure Show Episode 241

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