City Girls—I’m From the Bottom

City Girls is a hot, raunchy new rap group from Miami but there’s a lot to their story. I spoke to Yung Miami because her partner JT is in prison. When she’s not rapping, Yung Miami is taking care of her 5 yo son and her 14 yo brother because her mom is in prison for another two years. Even if you’ve never heard of City Girls, this is a fascinating look at someone who’s from the bottom and is on the cusp of changing her life forever. Thanks to God and some nasty sexual rhymes. Let me know what you think! Twitter: @toure.  Toure Show Ep 55  City Girls—I’m From the Bottom  Host & Writer: Toure  Senior Producer: Chris Colbert  Producer: Tyrice Hester  Assistant Producer: Candid Nicole  Photographer: Chuck Marcus  The House: The Young Turks 
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