Policing During Corona

In the frightening era of Coronavirus, the NYPD are on the front lines helping fight this battle. My friend Lt. Edwin Raymond polices in Brooklyn and says he normally encounters 3 dead bodies a week but nowadays he’s seeing 9 or 10 dead bodies a week. The police have a critical role in this moment—should they continue making arrests for small, non-violent incidents when that means people go to jail where they are hypervulnerable to Coronavirus? Should they arrest people for not practicing social distancing when that means they become hypervulnerable to Coronavirus? Should the police be scared that they could be spreading the virus? I talk about all of that and more with Lt. Raymond who’s long been fighting from within the force to make policing safer and more equitable. He’s been critical to helping decrease the use of quotas—for more on his movement to help reform the department, check out the amazing documentary Crime + Punishment. Patreon.com/toureshow Instagram @toureshow Twitter: @toure Toure Show Ep 129 Host & Writer: Toure Senior Producer: Jackie Garofano Assistant Producer: Adell Coleman Editor: Ryan Woodhall Photographers: Chuck Marcus and Shanta Covington Booker: Claudia Jean The House: DCP Entertainment 
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