Michelle Moore - Real Wins - Race, Leadership and how to Redefine Success. One of the UK’s 50 Most 'Influential Women in Sport’.

Michelle Moore is an award-winning leadership coach, author, speaker and educator voted as one of the UK’s 50 Most 'Influential Women in Sport’.

Based on a twenty year’ career in senior leadership roles across sport, government and education, her pioneering work and coaching and leadership programmes have transformed the lives of professionals, young people, athletes and the culture of many organisations.

Winner of the 2016 UK Precious Award for ‘Outstanding Woman in Sport’, a Football Black List award and an esteemed national Change Maker award. Michelle is a globally recognised executive on leadership, race equity and sport for development.

A sought after experienced speaker and moderator hosting events and delivering keynotes for The University of Cambridge, The NBA, and UNICEF UK. She has chaired events at the United Nations and presented to the House of Lords. Michelle makes regular appearances for top tier media outlets including BBC Radio 4, TRT World, Channel 4, BBC World Service Sportshour and been featured in The Guardian, The Daily Telegraph, The Times and The Independent. Michelle is a regular contributor on BBC radio.

Michelle combines her campaigning roles with board positions for SportsAid, a Sport England Talent Inclusion Advisory Board member and is commissioner for The Independent Commission for Equity in Cricket. She is a senior honorary associate lecturer at the University of Worcester.

Michelle’s book Real Wins was published November 25 2021, by John Murray Press, Hachette UK.      New episodes of the Tough Girl Podcast go live every Tuesday and Thursday at 7am UK time - Hit the subscribe button so you don’t miss out.    To support the Tough Girl Podcast and learn more about becoming a patron please visit www.patreon.com/toughgirlpodcast.      Show Notes
  • Who is Michelle
  • Her work in the world 
  • Using sport to address inequities 
  • Supporting individuals in their leadership journey 
  • Helping people to transform themselves and their communities 
  • Being based in London 
  • Working as a former teacher and having a love of education
  • Learning more about Michelle’s early years 
  • Growing up as a twin in the 70s
  • Being at athlete and being encouraged by her mum to do sports
  • Being a Black woman of mixed heritage
  • Being surrounded by love and culture and sports
  • Future dreams and ambitions
  • Wanting to be the best athlete she could be
  • The lessons learned from sports
  • Dealing with losses
  • Showing up every week to train
  • Wanting to be of service and to make a difference
  • Leaving athletics behind after going to university 
  • The challenges at university
  • Having an honest conversation with herself 
  • Using sport to develop leadership 
  • Changing your mindset around fear
  • How we achieve success which is defined by ourselves
  • Why we need to ask ourselves better questions
  • Learning to practice self compassion
  • Write the newspaper headline for tomorrow
  • Why we are not our thoughts
  • Why you have more power and control than you realise
  • Definitions of success and how they have changed 
  • Figuring out strengths and talents
  • Wanting to talk to young people about well-being
  • Why the biggest competition is always yourself
  • Living in the moment and being present
  • Going through the process of writing her book
  • Attracting different opportunities into our lives
  • Why you should be successful at a job if you’ve been doing it for 10 years
  • Why 20% was good enough
  • Creating her own leadership seminars 
  • Backing herself
  • Turning up and being me
  • Focusing on what I can control
  • Writing for herself 
  • How to connect with Michelle
  • How to support Michelle and why it makes a big difference
  • Final words of advice 
  • Wanting to be seen, heard, valued and respected 
  • Why the small things are important 
  Social Media   Website: www.michellemoore.me    Instagram: @michellemoore.me   Twitter: @hellomoore    Book: Race, Leadership and How to Redefine Success.    Real Wins is an urgent call to action from one of the most influential women in sport. In her unflinching style, Michelle Moore seeks to redress inequality at all levels and shows us how to channel our inner Serena Williams or Raheem Sterling to challenge stereotypes and tired assumptions.    Through this timely, eye-opening insight into her experiences both on the track and in the boardroom, Michelle shows us how to face our fears, build resilience and find our own unique leadership style. She shares stories from athletes, leaders and many other inspiring people, as she redefines the relationship between identity and success for both individuals and organizations.    Giving you the practical strategies of self-awareness and resilience to run your own race, Real Wins will empower you to take responsibility for your own prejudices, actions and ultimate success.  

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