Biola Babawale - Chairperson and ride leader for Velociposse Club. A cycling club for all women, all trans, and all non-binary people in London.

Having only started cycling in 2018, Biola immersed herself in the community, showing great enthusiasm for her own progression and that of other women too.    She is the chair of Velociposse, a club for women and non-binary people in London.    Biola is relentless in her energy to push the club forward and increase diversity, collaborating with the Women of Colour Cycling Collective.   New episodes of the Tough Girl Podcast go live every Tuesday at 7am UK time - Hit the subscribe button so you don’t miss out.    The Tough Girl Podcast is sponsorship and ad free thanks to the monthly financial support of patrons.    Support the mission to increase the amount of female role models in the media. Visit and subscribe - super quick and easy to do and it makes a massive difference. Thank you.   Show notes
  • Who is Biola
  • Being based in Brixton, South London
  • Being a cycling club for ALL women 
  • Her passion for all types of riding
  • Her love for cycling and the community
  • Friends, fitness and having fun
  • Her childhood and growing up in Brixton
  • Going to the BMX track at 5 years old
  • Teenage years and her fitness journey 
  • Getting into running and starting to take training more seriously
  • Getting into weight training and commuting on the bike
  • Getting her mum to go to the gym at 63
  • Working out with other people and being encouraged
  • Moving from running into cycling
  • The Power of Community and joining the Velociposse Club
  • Advice for joining a cycling club
  • Her first race experience in January 2019
  • Dealing with being dropped
  • Making friends through racing 
  • Breaking down the informational barriers
  • Why there is no such thing as a typical racer
  • Why Biola races
  • Sharing passions and encouraging others to give it ago
  • Bikes….
  • Commuting to work 
  • Her journey with Velociposse and becoming the chairperson.
  • Knowing her strengths 
  • A higher order ask
  • Regent Park Laps on Saturdays
  • Final words of advice 
  Social Media   Instagram: @biolasarah    Velociposse - A cycling club for all women, all trans, and all non-binary people in London.     Website -    Instagram: @velociposse     

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