Kate Pilcher - Founder & guide of Globetrotting - sharing her passion for horses and exploring horse cultures around the world.

Kate Pilcher is the founder & guide of Globetrotting, a worldwide travel agency that specialises in horse riding experiences to all corners of the globe. Kate discovered this form of travel as part of a quarter-life crisis and ran away to Argentina and then Kenya to discover herself from the back of a horse. Now in her forties Kate leads globetrotting rides to some extraordinary places with her three daughters and husband in toe.   Kate in her own words:   “I started Globetrotting a bit over a decade ago, thanks to a quarter-life crisis. You see, I had turned 25 and went on a 10-day horse riding safari in the Maasai Mara, Kenya, where my mind was blown by witnessing the wildebeest migration astride a safari horse.    It was THIS crazy, colourful, life-changing experience that led me to step away from my business (Salt magazine), my boyfriend (now husband – thankfully Steven is a very patient man), mortgage and flee to a remote 100,000 acre estancia in Patagonia only accessible via horse.   For the next nine months I jumped from saddle to saddle, driven by an unquenchable thirst to explore horse cultures in South America and Africa. When I finally returned home, Globetrotting took form alongside my business at the time, Salt magazine.   You see, I fell in love with this form of travel – Globetrotting – where the pace is slower and the experience richer. Rather than travelling in a tour bus (conveyor-belt travel, I like to call it), when you’re astride a horse, you climb under the skin of a country, absorbing every nuance it has to offer.   I knew it was the only way for me to travel, and I was determined to share this passion with other horse folk and I have.    This is a true calling for me.”     New episodes of the Tough Girl Podcast go live every Tuesday at 7am UK time - Make sure you hit the subscribe button so you don’t miss out.    To find out more about supporting your favourite podcast and becoming a patron please visit www.patreon.com/toughgirlpodcast.      Show notes
  • Who is Kate
  • What is Globetrotting
  • How they use horse riding to change people's lives
  • A little background about her family
  • Her first and earliest memory of horses
  • Having a little interest in horses back then
  • Never thought of horses as part of her career
  • Having no idea what she wanted to do
  • Working in small businesses alongside her degree
  • How sales and marketing interest her
  • She enjoys marketing and sales
  • Moving to the UK after finishing her degree
  • Returning to Australia and having the chance to ride a horse once again
  • Exploring Maasai Mara in Kenya for 10 days
  • Wanting to get away from everything
  • Feeling that she isn't living the life she was meant to live
  • Rejecting Steven's marriage proposal
  • How Globetrotting started
  • Background on how and why she took the risk of changing careers
  • Wanting to be invited to the world's oldest horseback riding event
  • Being able to open many people's doors through her space
  • Getting more detailed about horse riding
  • Different types of rides and items to carry on the journey
  • Ensuring that each client is well-cared for from start to finish.
  • Her favourite horse breeds
  • Talking about horse therapy
  • Road testing in European rides in 2018
  • Riding with a baby and just wanting to go home
  • The most challenging time she had during her riding journey
  • Having her husband's support and encouragement
  • Being a mother and how it affects her work
  • "Home is my family and we can go anywhere and have adventure."
  • Planning a six-week adventure in August with family and guests
  • Experiencing the most terrifying adventure with her girls back in 2021
  • Returning to horse riding after having children
  • More information on the Silk Road Adventure - Kazakhstan - Kyrgyzstan - Mongolia
  • Partnering with Katy Willings
  • Final words of advice

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