Dr. Eleanor Drinkwater - Bug nut and Adventurer. Awarded Inspirational Explorer of the Year award by the Scientific Expedition Society.

Eleanor Drinkwater is a bug nut and adventurer. Her love of all things creepy-crawly has led her to carry out research in field sites across the world, from Australia to the Amazon.    She is fascinated by invertebrate behaviour and has been awarded Inspirational Explorer of the Year award by the Scientific Expedition Society for her work looking into the behaviour of the biggest beetle on the planet.    However, she is equally fascinated by the weird and wonderful critters we have in the UK and has recently she finished her PhD which researched how and why woodlice have personalities.   Eleanor is passionate about communicating and sharing her enthusiasm for invertebrates. She is currently working as a lecturer at Writtle University College where she teaches about ecology and conservation. She also really enjoys encouraging little bug enthusiasts through running bug-hunting events with community groups and schools.   Ultimately, she believes that there’s a real need to encourage budding bug lovers (of every age) and hopes to share some of her enthusiasm with future bug enthusiasts.   New episodes of the Tough Girl Podcast go live every Tuesday at 7am UK time - Hit the subscribe button so you don’t miss out.    Support the mission to increase the amount of female role models in the media. Visit www.patreon.com/toughgirlpodcast and subscribe - super quick and easy to do and it makes a massive difference. Thank you.   Show notes
  • Who is Dr. Eleanor
  • What exactly does she do
  • Getting into more detail about her fascination with bugs
  • Growing up with environmentally conscious parents
  • What was it like to study Developmental Biology and how did it go
  • Her desire to go on expeditions and study butterflies.
  • Her story of how she got her first project, which began her career
  • Over-confidence as her real turning point
  • Finally getting into a PhD program
  • Volunteering in the Peruvian Amazon with Crees Manu
  • Taking part in research expeditions with lots of help and connections
  • Memorable and fun experience she had while crossing a river
  • Lessons she learned from her previous expedition
  • What new expeditioners and researchaer should know and talk about before starting their journey
  • Her love for an expedition-focused research centre
  • Having an amazing research trip in Honduras
  • Being extremely lucky to have been successful on all of her expeditions
  • Wanting to be the first person to do a recorded behaviour study of various creatures
  • Getting into more detail about the Titan beetle
  • How thrilled she is to find the first creature
  • Challenges she had in catching the beetle in such a short period of time
  • How she managed to stay motivated while dealing with a lot of stress
  • Bugs and insects for human consumption
  • Cricket protein powder Protein Rebel 
  • Her thoughts on eating live invertebrates for entertainment
  • Finishing her PhD and what are her future plans
  • Talking about woodlice and its personality
  • Keeping a hedgehog and giant African snails as pets
  • Participating in a short film and rewilding project with Citizen Zoo 
  Social Media   Website: www.eleanordrinkwater.com   Instagram: @dr.drinkwater.eleanor   Twitter: @E_Drinkwater  

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