E028 - TDAD Round Table Volume 1

@TDAD we're poppin', a droppin', and papadopoulosin'

We give you our attempt at some pure comedy, during these dark times. Recorded one Friday night, The @TouchdownsAllDay & @BroBible Round Table Edition is a just a bunch of guys having fun & striving for a few organic moments of laughter. This Type II “comedy jam” features riffs by Jon Barber, Crunk Mike, Chris "The Swedish Fish" Lindvall, and Brandon @BroBible. Thanks for Listening!

Still staying with our theme of filthy jams, we have a Biscuits cover of a classical banger from the best composer of all time, Ludwig Van Beethoven. Back in 2000, "challenged" by Rich Steele, @BarberShreds & The Disco Biscuits went a to a library in Philly and got the actual Symphonic scores and eventually performed "Beethoven’s 9th, 2nd movement" one night @The Silo. The result was a long, exploratory jam into one of the best standalone versions of Bernstein & Chasnoff Rich has ever heard. Stay Shiny, Friends!

Music Featured:

 2000-12-28 - Reading, PA - The Silo (Beethoven’s 9th, 2nd movement > Bernstein & Chasnoff) Only the Biscuits are crazy/cocky enough to attempt playing an incredibly difficult piece like that to play.






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