Episode 180 - Total Saints Podcast

Fixtures are being cancelled left and right, we've come away with a draw against Crystal Palace but we aren't sure if our next games are going ahead. We preview them anyway - ever the optimists!

Welcome to TSP 180!

On the podcast this week the guys provide their reaction to the Brentford game being postponed and the current state of the Premier League fixtures, take a look back and review the game against Crystal Palace and provide a preview to our next two potential games against West Ham and Tottenham Hotspur. 

As it stands we're looking to record the next episode of TSP on January 2nd, making this the last episode of the year! Thanks to everyone who's listened or watched us this year, it means the world to us that you're there every week. We hope you have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year, stay safe, and see you in 2022!

Each week our 4 Saints Experts reflect on the last seven days following Southampton Football Club. This episode of TSP was streamed live across our Facebook, Twitter and YouTube pages.

Martin Starke is joined by Steve Grant (SaintsWeb), Glen de la Cour (League One Minus 10) and Dan Sheldon (The Athletic) to get you up to date on all things SaintsFC.

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