Episode 178 - Total Saints Podcast

A jammed packed TSP this week, the team cover the disastrous 1-1 draw against Brighton, the somewhat positive 2-2 draw against Leicester, the incoming changes with our goalkeeper (just to note this recording finished about half an hour before the news on this dropped, but it seems psychic Steve had the scoop already), any updates with the takeover discussions that heated up throughout the week and taking a look back at Ralph's 3 years in charge. All that in 45 minutes? Absolutely!

Welcome to TSP 178!

Each week our 4 Saints Experts reflect on the last seven days following Southampton Football Club. This episode of TSP was streamed live across our Facebook, Twitter and YouTube pages.

Martin Starke is joined by Steve Grant (SaintsWeb), Glen de la Cour (League One Minus 10) and Dan Sheldon (The Athletic) to get you up to date on all things SaintsFC.

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