YouTuber Lewis talks about clefts, community and all things Lewlyfe

Kate and Mandy chat to Lewis from northwest Tasmania, a lovely young guy who studies media and communications and runs YouTube channel Lewlyfe.  Lewis is part of the pea community as he was born with a bilateral cleft lip and palate.

Lewis talks about growing up managing all the challenges of multiple surgeries, speech therapy and regular check ups with a whole range of doctors and specialists. Primary school was not much fun as he went to a sporty school when he wasn’t into sports, but he found his feet and a loving and supportive community at high school, where his friends loved drama and music as much as he did.

Lewis also talks about the impact on his mum and dad, their work in supporting other cleft families, and  the support and kindness the whole family received from their church community. Kate and Mandy were also extra impressed to hear the news that Lewis’ dad owns an IGA supermarket, given they’re both very frequent shoppers at their local. 

Lewis also talks about making the decision to no longer undergo further surgeries, as he’s happy and confident as he is. Lewis is focused on studying, running his YouTube channel and staying involved in his local community.

Thanks for sharing your story with us Lewis! 

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Visit CleftPals Victoria and Cleft Connect Australia for more information about cleft and palate conditions.  


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