Turnto Jess for CP research, treatments and community

Mandy and Kate talk to Jess, CEO + Founder of Turnto and Pea mum to twin boys with cerebral palsy. 

Turnto is a tech platform and online CP community that uses AI to translate academic medical literature on CP in real-time. Turnto offers people a rich source of specific treatment information from the medical literature, medical experts and people with lived experience. 

Jess shares her story about her pregnancy, the twins' births, very challenging times in NICU, the boys' unfolding diagnoses and all the early intervention required. Jess and her husband took the boys on a big adventure prior to them starting school, travelling around New Zealand living on a bus, embracing life and taking back control of their choices.

Jess started Turnto to fill the information gaps, help people review treatment options, learn from other people's lived experience and stay on top of all the latest research and insights. Many leading CP researchers are involved, giving their support and guidance to the Turnto team to offer the very best service possible. The growing site is a fantastic resource for parents, peafessionals and adults with lived experience happy to share their learnings and insights.

Thanks for sharing your amazing story with us Jess!


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