Therapea speechie Lauren believes everyone has the right to communicate

This week's guest Lauren is a paediatric speech pathologist and chickpea aunty to Milly, Molly and Miss 10 and wife of the Too Peas In A Podcast theme song writer! She specialises in children’s speech and language development, especially for kids with autism spectrum disorders, ADHD, global language developmental delay and speech sound delays.  


Lauren works in private practice at Cheeky Monkey Speech Pathology, where she offers individual and group therapies. She believes that everyone on the planet has the basic right to communicate their wants and needs.


Lauren and her (fraternal, full-term!) twin sister Kate are the brains behind Remindables, a local business producing colourful clip-on reminder tags for kids’ school bags. Remindables are small practical tools that can make a big difference to kids who need extra help to stay a bit more organised and a little more responsible. Head to the Remindables website to order some now!


Lauren chats to Kate and Mandy about her own experience of being a twin, her journey into speech pathology, the early days of the NDIS, the challenges of conducting speech therapy via Zoom during a pandemic, sticking up for Molly even when it meant standing up to Mandy, plus all the helpful therapea learnings she’s taken on board since listening to the podcast!


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