Superpea Kylie talks about her 17 year old daughter with CP, plus good schools and amazing pealings

Superpea Kylie has two 17-year old identical twin girls, one with cerebral palsy and epilepsy. Kylie’s girls were born at 33 weeks, and things went relatively smoothly until peashoot Zoe was diagnosed at approximately nine months of age – five days before Christmas. Kylie met Mandy on the Essential Baby internet forum and they've been cyber friends ever since. 


Kylie shares her experiences of early intervention, coping with three kids under three, kinder and school. Zoe’s primary school did a fantastic job of supporting her, demonstrating how easy it can be to teach and encourage children to support and include peashoots. The school even invited a class from the special school, which was a magical day for all the students.


Kylie talks about Zoe’s twin Izzy, who has made her sister a central part of her life and friendships. Her friends all want to meet Zoe and be part of her life as well. Zoe’s brother Jake is also very caring and particularly attentive to Zoe’s bus arrival and departure times. Kylie is reassured that Zoe will always be surrounded by the love of her siblings and family.


Kylie also touches on Zoe’s experiences of surgery, NDIS challenges including still waiting for a bath hoist, homeschooling during lockdown and more. Listen and be heart-warmed by Kylie's positive outlook on it all.

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