Sue and Mel chat about Snuggly Bags by Ellie

Kate and Mandy chat with super duo mother-in-law Sue and daughter-in-law Mel, founders of Snuggly Bags by Ellie, a company that makes sleeping bags in sizes 4-16 for kids who have trouble staying under the covers at night!

Snuggly Bags by Ellie is inspired by Mel’s fifteen-year-old daughter Ellie, who is diagnosed with Wolf-Hirschhorn syndrome. Once she’d grown out of her size 4 sleeping bag, Ellie had trouble sleeping under the covers, yet Mel couldn’t find bigger sleeping bag sizes to suit Ellie’s growing body. 

So, with Sue’s background in the clothing industry and dress design, she set about designing and making a sleeping bag to fit. Using a business called Manufacture My Product, Sue was able to source organic,  pure cotton and have samples made up in China, and develop two different weighted full bags, a lighter summer bag and a suit with legs. The bags use soft woven cotton that feels like sheets and allows plenty of room for movement. 

Sue and Mel took the Snuggly Bags to the Source Kids expo in Sydney, where a tired dad bought a snuggly bag for his young son. He contacted them the next day, to say he’d had his first full night’s sleep in years! Sue and Mel then knew they were onto a product that could help Peas everywhere get a better night’s sleep. Snuggly Bags can be modified to fit feeding tubes and can be claimed as a consumable through NDIS.

Order your Snuggly Bag via their website and follow them on Facebook and Instagram. Sue and Mel will be doing a giveaway on Instagram this week, so please follow them to be in the running! 


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