Simone is starting conversations about disability and entrepreneurship

Mandy and Kate chat with podcaster and Pea Simone, entrepreneur and founder of On-Plug, the soon-to-be-released world’s first marketplace to buy and sell products and services made exclusively by entrepreneurs who have disabilities, neurodiverse conditions, chronic illnesses and their caregivers. 

Simone’s son Josh was born with a rare kidney disease that required a transplant at age 5 and was subsequently diagnosed with autism and an intellectual disability. Her second child was also born at 25 weeks and spent seven months in NICU. Simone became an entrepreneur as she wanted to be known as more than just the ‘mum of the sick kid’ and she also needed the type of flexibility that the standard workplace can’t offer. Plus wanted to unleash her creativity, do something for herself and also create opportunities for her own kids to become entrepreneurs in 

the future. 

Simone has also started the On-Plug podcast to start conversations about disability and entrepreneurship, while the On-Plug marketplace will be coming soon in 2023. Enterpreneurship is a meaningful employment pathway for people with disabilities, chronic illnesses, and their carers, and Simone strongly believes we need to be talking more about it, plus plugging all the amazing businesses people are running. You can even hear Kate and Mandy on this ep!  

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