Sarah chats about Wholesome Blends

Mandy and Kate chat to Sarah, twin mum and founder of Wholesome Blends, Australasia’s first real food option for enteral feeding. 

Sarah was inspired to start Wholesome Blends by her twin son Lewis, who at the age of three, unexpectedly suffered a stroke and developed a hemiplegia.  As a result, Lewis found the gross motor tasks of eating and swallowing to be very difficult and unpleasant. A subsequent diagnosis of ADHD also complicated matters, as Lewis also experienced the appetite suppressant effects of the ADHD medication, so Lewis was struggling to take in enough nutritious food to support his growth and development.

After a rectum comment of being told to choose whether her son would eat or learn, Sarah was determined to find a better solution for Lewis. Permanent tube feeding was the best option, but the blends available were high in sugar in not very appealing. So, Sarah founded Wholesome Blends! 

Wholesome Blends are created by an Executive Chef in consultation with a Senior Dietitian and tested by Lewis, Chief Tubie of the company. Each pouch of Wholesome Blends is high in calories and contains nothing but fresh fruits, vegetables and proteins, with no added sugars, preservatives or additives. 

Check out the Wholesome Blends website for more information on the flavours and stockists. You can also find them on Facebook and Instagram 

Thank you for sharing your family’s story with us Sarah! 


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