Phoenix Pea Bron rises from the ashes

Kate and Mandy chat with the inspirational Bron, pea mum to 16-year-old Cooper who developed cerebral palsy following a traumatic birth.


Bron was previously a prolific blogger, who initially wrote about her experiences of parenting a child with a disability, before starting a travel blog called Smiths Holiday Road, which outlined her family’s experiences of travelling the world with a child who uses a wheelchair. Proving that there’s really no limits, Bron’s family explored thirty-two countries around the world, (even Mongolia!), and had incredible adventures together despite the many physical challenges.


Bron courageously shares her experiences of ‘breaking down’ and beginning to processing the trauma and stress she’d been running away from throughout. Being literally and figuratively ‘grounded’ by COVID-19, Bron began the process of rising from the ashes, particularly through joining an amazing beach swimming community on the Mornington Peninsula, who swim every day winter and summer as a grounding and healing act. 


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