Mighty Able Emma

Kate and Mandy talk to Emma, ea mum to 5-year old Mikey who has quadriplegic cerebral palsy and founder of Mighty Able - a clothing brand dedicated to celebrating all abilities.

Emma experienced the traumatic early birth and 5-week NICU stay of her very sick baby Mikey, who was eventually diagnosed with hypoxic ischemic encephalopathy, or lack of oxygen to the brain at some stage during the pregnancy.  

Emma has built a strong network of Perth Peas, after spontaneously inviting another Pea at hydrotherapy over for a glass of wine. Emma wishes every Pea mum and dad could have the same level of support to reduce the very common experiences of loneliness, isolation and fear.  


Emma started Mighty Able when Mikey was eighteen months old to celebrate and highlight the resilience and bravery of peashoots, and promote inclusion and respect. Her number one goal is to make people with disabilities and additional needs feel mighty and supported.

Connect with Mighty Able via their website, Facebook and Instagram.

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