Making room for joy with Sharon from The Functional Family

Mandy and Kate chat with Sharon, founder of The Functional Family and award-winning ADHD coach who provides life-changing practical strategies and support for people with ADHD. 

Sharon’s husband and three boys all have ADHD. Using her lived experience, her studies at ADDCA in New York and the International Coaching Federation, and over 15 years of research into ADHD, Sharon founded The Functional Family six years ago to help families like her own feel more supported. 

The Functional Family offers online programs, low-cost memberships, adult ADHD coaching and parent memberships, a podcast and more. Through the Functional Family, Sharon aims to help people and families managing ADHD feel more supported, offer new information, take away all the confusion and make room for joy! 

Sharon shares her family’s story, her huge amounts of expertise and her hopes and dreams for The Functional Family in the future.  Thank you Sharon!

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