Louise checks and chats about consent, sexuality and wellbeing

Content Warning: This podcast contains discussions of sexual abuse and violence experienced by people with disabilities. 

Mandy is flying solo this week, chatting to Louise Mapleston, social worker and founder of Check and Chat, a consent, sexuality and wellbeing psychoeducation and counselling service for people with disabilities. Check and Chat provides individual sessions, group training and support for parents and professionals. 

Louise founded Check and Chat in 2021 to address the high rates of sexual victimisation of people with intellectual disabilities identified in the Disability Royal Commission.  Louise also provides support to people with autism, as they’re also highly likely to be victimised while also engaging in harmful sexual behaviours. Louise shares some confronting stats about the level of risk to our peashoots, which highlights all the more just how critical it is to take a primary prevention approach through consent education and resources.

Louise also shares some free resources you can check out, such as Planet Puberty, Murray Mallee Community Legal Service video resources on consent and sexting and Dr Wenn Lawson’s autism-focused resources.  You can also search #consent on TikTok for diverse range of conversations and ideas on consent. 

To foster her own creativity and self-care, Louise is also part of the feisty, feminist cabaret duo, Pink Flabby Bits!  If you’re a music therapist, get in touch with Louise about writing songs about consent!

Thank you so much Louise for helping us talk through a very tough topic with such warmth, positivity and hope. We’re so glad you’re doing this incredibly important work. Get in touch with Louise via the Check and Chat website and Instagram if you’d like some support for yourself or your peashoot. If this episode has raised any concerns related to sexual assault, please contact: 1800 Respect 


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