Let’s talk about school uniforms

Kate and Mandy tackle a topic they’ve been wanting to talk about for ages - school uniforms!


How do Peas manage the variety of peashoot challenges – physical, sensory, gender diversity – while facing often outdated, inflexible and arbitrary school uniform rules?


Let’s be honest, school uniforms can often be ableist, sexist, a marker of class privilege and downright scratchy! Kate and Mandy talk about many of the uniform challenges they’ve confronted with their own peashoots, and want to hear your stories too – send in speakpipes and tell us, so we can start a new Pea uniform revolution! What do we want? Comfy, sports-style, flexible uniform options that suit a variety of needs and make all peashoots feel like they belong! When do we want it? Now!


Laugh, cry, make a difference:


·      Kate and Mandy both love The Awesome Kids Oracle Cards by Lyndy Jewell.

·      Mandy is waiting for a call through Be My Eyes – a free app to connects blind and low-vision people with sighted volunteers for help through a live video call.

·      Kate loves Line Of Duty.

·      Kate and Mandy are thrilled that My Dad Wrote A Porno is back!


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