Get Disability Royal Commission help from Your Story Disability Legal Support

Mandy and Kate talk to Michelle and Jane, peas and lawyers from Your Story Disability Legal Support.


Your Story Disability Legal Support offers free, independent, confidential legal support to make submissions to the Disability Royal Commission, which is currently open until 31 December 2022.


The Commission wants to hear from people with disabilities, carers, families, support workers, peafessionals – anyone with lived experience that has feedback and a contribution to make. 


Michelle and Jane encourage Peas to particularly get in touch with their service if they’d like legal advice and support prior to making a submission. It’s not compulsory to do so, but could be useful if you’re concerned about privacy and confidentiality, or naming a service provider or other agency that you need to maintain a relationship with, such as a school or an employer. The service can also advise you if you have existing legal concerns such as current court proceedings, non-disclosure agreements, other contracts and more.


Michelle and Jane outline some of the common issues they’re finding in submissions - discrimination and exclusion, barriers to accessing community services, issues with NDIS, children and young people being excluded from school, discrimination and lack of support in the workplace and the disproportional impact of family violence for women with a disability


The service can also link you to free counselling and support, interpreting and Auslan services and specific support for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people.


Peas, you’re encouraged to contact Michelle, Jane and their colleagues at Your Story Disability Legal Support to make a submission or assist your child to make a submission and take the opportunity to make an important contribution to positive change through the Disability Royal Commission.  



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