Garry shares much-needed Pea Dad wisdom

Kate and Mandy talk to Pea dad Garry, who for many years was the primary carer for his 25-year-old son Christopher, who is quadriplegic with cerebral palsy. Christopher is an accomplished video editor, YouTuber, accessibility consultant and co-owner (with Garry!) of HandsOptional – a consultancy that provides support to Apple Switch Control users. 


Garry talks about Christopher’s traumatic birth and the brain injury he suffered as a result of medical negligence, for which he was later awarded significant financial compensation. Although the process can be challenging and lengthy, Gary strongly recommends that Peas explore the potential for compensation in their own circumstances where possible. As one of the only 3% of male primary carers of children with disabilities and additional needs, Garry honestly discusses the challenges, the toll it took on him personally, and on Christopher’s mum and their relationship. Garry also discusses his faith, Christopher's achievements and success as an accessibility advocate and his perspective as a dad amongst the many mums on the road less travelled. Overall, Garry melts Kate and Mandy’s hearts with his wisdom, kindness and candour.   


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