G-Pea Jennie shares her story

Kate (Mandy’s taking the day off!) chats to Jennie, both a peafessional GP (G-Pea!) and pea mum to two peashoots and their brother. She is originally from Scotland, married to a South African, and now lives in Brisbane.

Jennie’s eldest is almost 11 and has autism, ADHD, severe anxiety and is twice exceptional. She has an almost 8 year old pealing with anxiety and a 4 year old who has KCNQ2 encephalopathy, a rare and devastating genetic epileptic encephalopathy, and has severe and complex medical needs.

Jennie works part time as a GP and has a special interest in child development thanks to her experiences as a Pea. She counts herself lucky to have supportive colleagues and small, loyal patient base that understand her family’s challenges.  Jennie talks about her children’s births, health challenges, diagnoses and the trickiness and load of managing a busy life as a pea mum and a GP. Thank you for Jennie for sharing your remarkable story with us!


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