Claire shares her ‘beautiful world’ as a T21 Pea mum.

Mandy and Kate chat to Claire, Pea mum of Max who lives with T21, or Down Syndrome. Claire shares her story about “being thrust into this beautiful world” of life with Max.  She talks about the trauma of his diagnosis of both T21 and heart defects, and his induced birth a week later, all in the middle of COVID lockdowns. He needed heart surgery at four days of age and spent his first four months in the Royal Children’s Hospital in Melbourne. Claire reflects on the emotional rollercoaster of this time in her life, when things were scary and challenging and unpredictable. 

Kate and Mandy remember Claire’s speakpipe that she sent in while she was in hospital, after Claire came across our podcast in the 21 Gifts ‘welcome-to-the-world’ baby suitcase for families with children with T21 - listen to the episode about it here.

Claire also spoke about her work with Abbey Solo Foundation, an organisation that supports families facing childhood cancer, in honour of Angel and Warrior, Abbey Solo. Find out more about this work on Facebook and Instagram.  

Thank you for sharing your story with us Claire! 


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