Brooke talks about her beautiful boy Rye

Mandy and Kate chat with Brooke about her beautiful son Rye, who passed away a year ago at the age of twelve.  

Brooke shares Rye’s story, from his birth following a stroke in utero, a diagnosis of cerebral palsy and unexplained medical conditions that led to a regression in his development over time.

With Rye’s birth occurring before the NDIS scheme began, Brooke was thrown into a new world of fundraising to pay for all of Rye’s many therapy and equipment needs. Brooke talks about many of the positive aspects of Rye’s life, from his supportive school environment, his troop of support workers, known as ‘Rye’s Babes’, who developed a close friendship group all thanks to Rye, his beautiful smile and his extended family who rallied around Brooke, Rye, her husband and two younger children to support them. 

Rye progressively became more unwell and spent most of the final year of his life in hospital, before passing away. Brooke shares about his funeral, which was like a beautiful party, and a family member’s gift of a 12-year-old oak tree to plant in their garden in his memory.   

Brooke also speaks about the journey of finding her feet again following Rye’s passing, and letting go of the life she built around his care, including all of the people who entered their life to help care for him. Brooke has now set up her own Pilates studio on the Mornington Peninsula as part of this new phase in her life. 

Mornington Peninsula Peas, you can find Brooke at Balanced Pilates Studio and you can check out her Rye’s World Facebook page - you might even see a famous face in her family photos! 

Thanks for sharing your beautiful Rye with us Brooke. 



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