Benison and Seana talk about The Australian Autism Handbook

Mandy and Kate chat with Benison O’Reilly and Seana Smith, Pea mums of adult sons with diagnoses of autism and co-authors of The Australian Autism Handbook - the essential guide for parenting a child on the autism spectrum. First published in 2008, a fully revised and updated version of the book was released in January 2023, and is an essential, comprehensive and inclusive guide incorporating advice and information you can trust. 

After meeting at a parenting support group and striking up a friendship, Seana and Benison decided to write a book together to address the enormous lack of support for parents at the time. The updated edition includes new and inclusive language, new evidence-based interventions, information on NDIS, greater recognition of diagnosis in women and girls, a new chapter with advice for parents directly from adults with autism, and more. The book draws on the experience of over forty different collaborators, including adults with autism, parents, professionals and autism experts.  

Benison and Seana also share insights into their son’s adult lives now - their passions, interests, friendships and communities. 

Thank you Benison and Seana for chatting with us!

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