Episode 3: Teaching Stalin Rhythmic Gymnastics

The Tony Law Tapes is a series of ground-breaking interviews with the world's foremost Time Traveller, Tony Law, conducted by John-Luke Roberts.In this third episode, John-Luke pushes Tony on the ethics of being friends with Stalin, ignoring everything Tony has to say about dogs in the meantime, but getting sidetracked into Tony's accidental contribution to the cocaine industry.If you have questions for Tony, we are recording two audience question specials at the Edinburgh Fringe, on the 10th and 25th August, at Bob's Blundabus at half past midnight (so, technically the 11th and 26th August). Email your questions to tonylawtapes@gmail.com, and if you're in Edinburgh come along.The Tony Law Tapes are written and performed by Tony Law & John-Luke Roberts, recorded by James Hingley, and produced by Ed Morrish. Music by Wilx, via AKMMusic.co.uk.www.tonylawtapes.co.uk

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