Rediscovering Your Wild with Sarah Wilson

Sarah Wilson is a journalist, multi-New York Times bestselling author, podcaster and social entrepreneur who hiked the world with one bag of belongings for eight years to understand our need to reconnect with life again. The salve, she found, to our loneliness, overwhelm, climate anxiety and angst was to rediscover her “wild". Sarah wrote a book about her discoveries which is both moving, rage inducing and ultimately uplifting called This One Wild and Precious Life. She now also hosts a podcast inspired by her wonderful book called Wild with Sarah Wilson where you can join Sarah as she explores the big philosophical, spiritual and social themes of our times with the big minds she encounters around the world.

You might also recognise Sarah from her best selling book and hugely successful company I Quit Sugar.

I found Sarah however through another one of her books called First we make the beast beautiful. In this book she uncovers what it means to live with anxiety and it is both a frank record of her life growing up on a rural property in a minimalist household as well as a guide for others seeking to find comfort and help in navigating what it means to be human and how to live with mental illness. Sarah’s search for meaning and her giant intellect and thirst for knowledge has taken her to so many wild places and I felt so privileged to sit with her for an hour and ask her question after question. I hope you enjoy this big conversation about everything from why we are here and the meaning of life to Sarah’s incredible gift for entrepreneurship running a thriving enterprise as a child called Creation Engine making library bags and elephant pins in her bedroom.

Sarah has also just launched on Audible – Make Anxiety Your Superpower where she speaks with 10 people living with different flavours of anxiety, in honest and open conversations about their shared experience. From panic attacks to high functioning anxiety and control, Sarah listens to these incredible, yet all too familiar, stories and shares her philosophy and practical tips to not only help reframe anxiety, but to go one step make it our superpower.

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