Womankind with physio Kym Veale

My guest today physiotherapist Kym Veale has been a really special person in my life and in so many women’s lives, particularly for women who experience pregnancy and birth. I’m so glad I can share her wisdom and insight in this episode. Kym Veale is now director of her own company called womankind physiotherapy, a beautiful space that supports women’s health particularly in the areas of birth preparation and post birth recovery, pelvic floor function, incontinence, mastitis and breast feeding. She also works with children and families to resolve bladder and bowel accidents including bedwetting. She is an advocate for education about all things vulvas, periods and also sexual function for women too. An area that is often underdiagnosed and misunderstood or really just not discussed at all. We also talk about prolapse in this conversation and I learnt so much about women’s bodies that I previously hadn’t fully understood. 

I want to also acknowledge in this episode that there are also people who have wombs and experience menstruation who don’t identify as women (or for that matter women who do not have wombs) but who will still absolutely benefit from access to this knowledge and this episode. Even if you are not planning to have children yourself there is so much to be gained from Kym’s wealth of knowledge and experience in this area. She has some really strong messages about caring for ourselves and our bodies in a holistic way and the absolute awe and respect we should have for women who give birth.

Kym obtained her degree in Physiotherapy, as well as post graduate certificates in advanced pelvic floor rehabilitation, and exercise for women through the University of Melbourne.

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