The Story Behind Their Fitness Journey

Welcome to the Official Tone and Sculpt Podcast.

It's your girl Krissy Cela and we are embarking on a journey together. A journey of self-improvement and self-love because change can only come from you and for YOU. Join us each week as we explore different topics from nutrition to mental health, not to mention the amazing guests we have coming along.


This week's episode is very special to me, as two of my Tone and Sculpt ambassadors join me in the studio. Lydia and Leanne mean a lot to me as it's very important to Tone & Sculpt to be represented by women all over the world, from different backgrounds, with different sizes, shapes and stories, as this is a journey for everyone. The girls let us into their fitness stories, how they found fitness, the struggles they went through along the way, and how they came out the other side.

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