The Murder House of Harrisburg

“If there are such things as ghosts, now I know why.”


These are the words of Carrie Donaldson, a genealogy enthusiast who accidentally stumbled upon a 106-year-old cold case involving a young girl whose bones were found in the basement of a Harrisburg home.


Donaldson’s story—as well as the media sensationalism, conspiracy theories and paranoia that took a city by storm—is now being told in several parts by PennLive investigative reporter, John Luciew, who worked together with Donaldson through over a century’s worth of material in order to try to give a girl in a grave back her name.


During this special “Today in Pa.” bonus episode, Luciew talks with host Claudia Dimuro and dives deep into the details of the case; how and why it blew up in the press the way it did; and maybe, just maybe, how it may have once again risen from the grave due to a little push from Fate.


You can check out the currently published parts of “The Murder House of Harrisburg” below:


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