Tessia-Yasmine Ladas

Tessia-Yasmine Ladas is a 24-year-old multi-faceted individual whose life experiences have shaped her into a beacon of resilience and self-discovery. Currently dividing her time between a quaint European town and other pursuits, Tessia-Yasmine wears many hats as a model, an advocate for Collective Aid, an NGO dedicated to assisting individuals on their journeys, and an avid free diver.

Her debut work, "Today Ended An Hour Ago," is a poignant reflection of her own tumultuous upbringing in the United States. Set against the backdrop of San Francisco, the book chronicles the life-altering choices that a young girl named Teaha must make when confronted with adversity. Fleeing from the clutches of law enforcement alongside her mother and sister, Teaha grapples with the weight of her past, ultimately confronting the delicate balance between freedom and captivity.

Tessia-Yasmine's writing delves deep into the fractures of identity, exploring the chasm between one's authentic self and the persona necessitated by society. Through moments of respite, she finds solace in the profound wisdom imparted by the turtles she encounters—a powerful metaphor for seizing one's destiny and evading the trappings of conformity.

Drawing from her own experiences, Tessia-Yasmine unabashedly exposes the raw wounds of childhood trauma and the arduous journey towards independence. "Today Ended An Hour Ago" stands as a testament to her unyielding spirit and a call to question societal norms surrounding virtue, loyalty, and the expectations thrust upon individuals.

Tessia-Yasmine's narrative challenges readers to consider the value of authenticity, urging them to listen not just with their ears but with their hearts. Her storytelling invites us to ponder the significance of trust in an ever-changing world, affirming that what remains unaltered is what we choose to believe in.

With her unwavering commitment to sharing her narrative, Tessia-Yasmine Ladas embodies the transformative power of personal storytelling, illuminating the path towards self-discovery, acceptance, and ultimately, freedom.

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