Tanner Aux

Celebrating over seven years in the realm of music, Tanner Aux stands as a testament to the boundless possibilities that come with independent artistry. Born out of a passion for sound and an unyielding dedication to his craft, Tanner's musical journey began its vibrant narrative in 2019 with the release of his inaugural project.

As a versatile artist, Tanner extends his creativity beyond the studio, sharing his candid reactions to music videos on YouTube. His insightful commentary and genuine reactions have garnered a dedicated following, turning his channel into a hub for music enthusiasts seeking authentic engagement.

Driven by a profound love for music and a desire to connect with a global audience, Tanner has traversed numerous countries, weaving cultural influences into the fabric of his sonic tapestry. Beyond the boundaries of his artistic endeavours, Tanner assumes the role of a worldwide promoter through his venture, AUXCORD COLLECTIVE. This platform serves as a conduit for rising talents, amplifying voices and melodies that deserve a global stage.

A glimpse into Tanner's musical catalog reveals a prolific output, with over 70 songs resonating across various streaming platforms. Each composition reflects his evolving artistry, an exploration of emotions and experiences translated into melodies that linger in the hearts of his listeners.

Looking towards the future, Tanner Aux is poised to unveil his next magnum opus — "The Truth 2," an album slated for release early in 2024. This eagerly anticipated follow-up to his debut studio album, "The Truth," promises to be a continuation of his musical odyssey, inviting audiences to delve deeper into the nuances of his creative vision.

In the digital realm, Tanner Aux invites you to join the journey theough his promotional initiatives and behind-the-scenes glimpses on Instagram. Follow the rhythm and join the melody at auxcord_collective, where the community converges to celebrate the vibrant kaleidoscope of sounds curated by Tanner Aux.

As Tanner marks his one-year milestone, the journey unfolds, melodies evolve, and the truth of his artistry continues to reverberate across the global musical landscape. Cheers to a year filled with harmonies, and here's to many more chapters in the musical saga of Tanner Aux.

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